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This article is about content that is unobtainable, only players who previously unlocked this can use it. This means that the season, event or gamemode this content was exclusive to, has been removed.
This content was obtainable from October 23, 2021 - December 17, 2021

Ares is a kit that was added in the October 23, 2021 update. His special items are Spears.



Ares can buy a spear for 30 IronCroppedIron.png in the Item Shop which he can aim and throw at the target area. Upon impact, it does 65 damage and considerable knockback to all enemies in a small radius. The explosion can damage you as well.

Players cannot have more than 5 spears in their inventory or hotbar.


October 23, 2021 Ares.png Added ares

Increased spear damage from 35 to 65

Lowered amount of spears per purchase from 2 to 1

November 5, 2021 Spears now have a max stack size of 10
January 7, 2022 Spears now have a max stack size of 5


  • Ares is the name of a Greek god known as the God of War (not to be confused with the game). Legends say he blessed armies on the battlefield but reveled in the death and pain of soldiers in wars.
  • Ares is also known as the god of violence but speaks more as the god of war.
  • Ares is part of the Season 2 Battlepass.
  • Ares’ design is slightly similar to Trinity.
  • Ares' spears damage was changed almost exactly at release, from 2 spears that do 35 damage for 1 spear that does 65 damage.
  • This shares a few similarities with Spirit Catcher.
  • Ares’ model wears Roman armor, despite being the Greek iteration of The God of War. The Romans worshipped the same gods as the Greeks but gave them different names, particularly named after planets, Ares’ Roman name is ‘Mars’.
    • The type of armor being worn by Ares is a mix between gladiatorial armor and Spartan armor.