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The Ranked Queue NPC.

Ranked Queue is a gamemode that was added in the November 5, 2021 update. It currently uses the Squads gamemode, featuring a ranking system that allows for skilled matchmaking. There are currently 6 ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Nightmare. Each of these 6 ranks has its own 4 sub ranks/subdivision.

To get a rank, the player must first play 5 placement matches. They will receive a rank that is determined by how well they performed during the placement matches. The player can increase or decrease their rank by playing in matches. The amount of rank points earned or lost is determined by a skill rating. There are no rewards to be given yet if a player reaches a specific rank.

Rank points won or lost in a round is completely random, you can get 20 rank points when your team dies 3 minutes into the match and can lose 25 rank points when you won a 20-minute match with 20 kills. It is unknown whether it is a glitch or it is intentional.

As a measure to prevent exploiters, ranked is only accessible by player accounts with verified purchases. It can be unlocked in multiple ways: